A Room for the Earth is an artistic project that revolves around an image world in which the tree, the human being and the Earth work together to form a body of society deeply anchored in the root of our world.

A room for the Earth contains a studio and workshop, a room for temporary exhibitions (see: current / exhibition room) and rooms for courses and workshops (see: current / courses / workshops).

A Room for the Earth is a place open to thoughts that pertain to our time, with a particular focus on a worthy relationship to the Earth we inhabit.

Time and space

A trap set
to catch goodness
We break days from you
to protect us against your shapeless descent
That's our lot
We forget that you are there
even though you are the mother of our days


The sun is the heart
of the day

The heart is the child
that time carries over the sky
in the form of a sun

End in the sea
as old man
or woman

The night and the sun

Earth cried
Love listened and came
Love left everything to become man on earth

Copyright © Erik Wennerstrand 2019